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Boys Time On The Island

Before sunrise, we walk down Baan Unrak hill and jump on the boat. We go to the island across the lake. It is a desert, wild piece of land, where we can start our days in the best way.

As soon as we land, we…

Run Like The Wind!

Muscular Awakening…

Then we make a circle, and one by one we step into the middle choosing and leading a different exercise. From jumping jacks to push-ups, we do a full body warm-up.

In this great natural space, limitless in the early morning haze, we are free to wander…

The Bath Mantra

It is the moment to pay respect to our ancestors, and to the sages of all ages who have walked on this earth. It is also the moment to feel the divine in everything around us and within ourselves. This is the beautiful, profound meaning of the bath mantra, which we chant and perform with precise gestures facing the rising sun, letting its healthful rays nourish and fortify our bodies, through the incredibly beneficial morning light.

To properly perform it though, we need to get our skin wet, dripping water, so we first run into the lake and splash each other!

Meditation Time

Baba Nam Kevalam – Love is Everything, is the universal mantra. Everything is an expression of infinite, loving consciousness.

So let us close our eyes, and listen to the sound… of silence.


Now at the peak of the dry season, the water level of the lake has greatly dropped, leaving lots of shells ashore… The boys looked like samurai masters, while hitting and smashing in mid air the empty shells found on the meadow, using bamboo and wooden sticks as baseball bats, or katana swords!

Let’s Go Swimming!

Collecting Wood…

We search for dry sticks to start the fire, which is not an easy task on the windy shore of the lake.

Around The Fire

Some mornings, it can be quite cool out there. The burning flames warm our bodies and souls.

Another day, another fire…

Ash Faces!


Sometimes, our goats come to visit us with their floating house!

…but when the boat comes, it is always time for us to return on our beloved hill. Now, it is the goats time to enjoy the island!

Some prefer to swim back, coming out of the water extremely energized!

Our last effort is to climb up the hill, following the steep dirt trail that leads to our Children’s Home at the top.

These early mornings, together in the nature, are very special experiences for our boys. The feeling of brotherhood during these adventures creates a deep bond among them. A bond that will remain and shape their future.

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