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Bromsgrove school volunteers

In Baan Unrak, we appreciate our connections with other youth groups.

We were extremely happy to welcome a big group of our friends from Bromsgrove International School.  Seventy enthusiastic young people visited us to help with the projects and to spend quality time with the children.

Immediately they have become a part of our community, sharing food with us and spending their time together with the children.

They organized activities for children of all ages and interests.

The younger children were playing active games in the dining hall.

One group of bigger children learned new games too.

The others enjoyed sports games under the open sky.

Our volunteers split into two teams.

One part of the big group went to our school and led a language camp. They were teaching English through interactive games, artistic activities, dramatic performances, and enjoyable exercises.

In the end, they had a final party inspired by traditional British street celebrations, offering an opportunity for everyone to immerse themselves in and learn about British culture.

The other students stayed in Baan Unrak and were involved in physical labor. In just a matter of days, their efforts brought about significant transformations within our Home.

One notable project they tackled was the painting the stairs next to the stadium.

They renovated big territory of the Home.

They lent a hand in the garden, assisting us in growing the organic vegetables for our kitchen.

And applied their talents and imagination to decorate the wall right at the front of our gates.

Truly remarkable, isn't it?

The students from Bromsgrove bravely traversed the rough roads to reach the underprivileged individuals in the district. They generously provided essential supplies to support the less fortunate members of our community.

As a well-deserved reward for their dedication and hard work, they ventured to the picturesque riverside and indulged in a refreshing swim and playful splashing alongside the children of Baan Unrak.

On the last night, we had a big birthday celebration and a show.

With hearts warmed by the crackling campfire, we sat in quiet for collective meditation.

Jack and Rugn Na Pa, our young musicians, opened the show: they played a famous song "I love this tiny green island" in a ukulele and flute duet.

The older children delighted the audience with their dances, showcasing contrasting styles. One performance exuded grace and femininity, while another emanated power and energy, captivating everyone with their skill and expression.

The children touched our hearts with a meaningful and inspiring song written by Rochana, one of our children.

The students from Bromsgrove took to the stage, sharing a captivating and beautiful song that added another layer of joy and harmony to the evening's festivities.

The yoga children could not wait to perform. They are always great and bring the audience into raptures.

As the moment arrived for the birthday celebration, the sky suddenly erupted in a breathtaking display of all the colors of the rainbow—a fireworks spectacle from the town itself! What an incredible surprise!

One of our guests joined the children in celebration, as it happened to be his birthday too! Together, amidst the glow of the festivities, they joyfully blew out the candles on the birthday cake.

Our guests extended their kindness further by presenting each birthday child with a special gift. The presents were big and beautiful and left our children incredibly happy.

The night continued with a barbecue party, where we grilled vegetarian sausages and sweet potatoes alongside an abundance of pizzas, cakes of different kinds, sweets, and beverages.

At the end of the night, we spent a great time together, dancing, chatting, and just having fun.

It was wonderful to have such a large group of compassionate and generous people among us. Together, they accomplished a remarkable amount in just a few short days of their visit.

Their presence brought joy, inspiration, and meaningful contributions to our community, and we will undoubtedly miss them dearly. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome them back with open arms in the future, cherishing the special bond we've shared.

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