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Care Mothers’ Seminar

We started to hold Neo-Humanism classes for our care givers and mothers.

They were already instilling great lessons and morals into our children; each and every one of them takes their job seriously and commits to the children’s development. What we hope is to enhance their already wonderful approach by adding core values of love and respect for all living things.

Neo-Humanism instigates participants to lead a purpose driven life. The children learn from their mothers’ behavior just as much as from their mothers’ care, so their approach in every day life situations matter. How they react to stress will impact how the children will react to stress. Unconditional love means love always, even when it isn’t easy.

The mothers come to the classes regularly during the school days. They are really interested in the idea of fulfillment, and moving beyond simple needs such as food and shelter. The classes appear to be helping our caregivers and mothers become more relaxed, which in turn lead to more stress free children.

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