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Children Come Back To Help Home

We are very glad for the work ethic of our children who study in Bangkok. They are committed to our community despite living so far away. On their holiday, they took time to come back and help us around the home. Without their assistance, this month would have been far more difficult.

Kushuma supported our restaurant and bakery. Not only did she manage the restaurant, she introduced some new products / menu items. She gave new vitality to the bakery and we have a lot of new customers because of her.  The full time staffs that usually work in the bakery were able to relax in the sea to get a long deserved holiday with the children of the home.

Prema came to the home and took the initiative to help three of our most troubled students. She spent a lot of time to teach and train them in Thai, English and Math. We saw measurable improvement in just three weeks! She has a special talent in educating young people. Prema also helped to design new packaging for the bakery. She designed some boxes and paper bags that are 100% recyclable. (Baan Unrak considers Mother Earth in all business endeavors.)

Helping is a two way street! Some Sangklaburi children opted to travel to Bangkok to help instead of go to Ryong. One of our high school students, Orathai, took care of Rita while she recovered from a cleft lip and palate surgery. A band of the boys also went to Bangkok to paint houses for a week. We love to share.

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