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Chili harvest

Baan Unrak children enjoyed a free day in the middle of the week.

To make the most of this opportunity, we chose to spend this day in nature, combining the joy of a beautiful day with a touch of productive work.

We had a long journey on a bumpy road until we reached our destination.

Ishvarii also joined the trip, she was the one responsible for the joyful mood.

We arrived at a place near a small beautiful waterfall with ice-cold water. It was a very serene place, free from the distractions of electricity and phone signals, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the present moment.

The children refreshed themselves in the stream and washed the dishes preparing for lunch.

We cooked our lunch in a kitchen with a beautiful view. Some of the veggies were picked right there, from a nearby tree.

After lunch, we all went to a big chili field to harvest the fiery peppers.

Picking chili is a peaceful and meditative work.

A big part of the time we remained quiet, listening to our deep selves and feeling connected with nature. Amidst the quietude, some of the children softly sang "Love is all," adding a melodic touch to the rhythmic flow of our work.

Sometimes we stayed all together, sometimes dividing in small groups or working alone.

At other moments, children gathered in groups, chatting and filling the area with ringing laughter.

Little by little, the sacks got full of chili.

The children collected so much and were very proud of the work done.

The entire harvest will undergo sun-drying and sealing, preserving it for future use in our kitchen and those of our friends.

As the long hot day came to a close, the soothing relief of stepping into the refreshing waters of the river was truly invigorating, offering a well-deserved respite to rejuvenate both body and spirit.

After the big work was done, we were all very hungry. We had a good dinner, but the boys could not stop themselves from climbing a coconut tree to get a delicious snack for everyone.

The best coconuts children decided to bring back home for Didi.

On our journey back, we made a stop at our friend's farm to gather fresh vegetables for our dinner. The farm visit added another layer of culinary richness, ensuring our future meals would be both delicious and nutritious.

This is how the food gets to our kitchen: picked and sorted with love and smiles.

A big part of the harvested chili will go for sale - all charged with the positive vibes of Baan Unrak.


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