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Christmas Show in Baan Unrak

Christmas is a special time to get together and celebrate with your dears. It is full of dreams and good wishes. Baan Unrak children want to share this special time and their emotions with their loved ones.

The children prepared a big Christmas show, decorated the Home and dressed up for the big event.

We invited the Sangklaburi community to visit Baan Unrak, shared pizza, cakes and drinks with the guests, and also went live, so all our friends from abroad could join.

The best MC and DJ team ensured the smooth flow of the event.

May the show begin!

Under the guidance of our dedicated volunteer and longtime friend, Irene, a group of young children enchanted the audience by playing flutes, setting the stage for the show. Their performance was truly astonishing considering they had just two weeks to learn a new musical instrument.

The stage welcomed everyone, including the little ones from the nursery. They delighted the audience with a few songs and shared their fresh energy through the captivating dance performances.

Brand-new, mesmerizing dances have been staged specifically for this event. Our older children took charge as the choreographers, while the younger ones performed on the stage, showing their talents.

Some of the teenager were already known for their beautiful choreography, and some stars newly appeared on the sky of Baan Unrak just this Christmas.

And even the children, who usually perform in the yoga show surprised us this time: additionally to the amazing acrobatic performance, they also prepared a special dance from their team.

Praipana elevated the magical ambiance with their voice to a whole new level.

Meanwhile, Rochana unveiled her self-composed song, enchanting us all. Praipana and Kirana lent their voices to the melody, while Karuna provided instrumental support on the guitar.

Some of our community members, along with our friends and volunteers, joined in the event, sharing their beautiful songs and dances.

Fashion show

Our children love to walk on the stage wearing the clothes designed by Kushuma Jareonphon (Baan Unrak graduate) and Chanikan Nakhinchat.

It is amazing to see, how the children open more and more, growing in confidence and showing the world their true beauty.

The show always brings something fresh, just like our children.

Some new stars shined for us from the stage this time.

The designer clothes emphasize the youth, beauty and brightness of the teenagers.

We are grateful to the designers to this opportunity to shine.

The event ended with a magical light show.

It was a beautiful night, that we shared with friends and community. We had many guests and build new stronger relationships.

Celebrating the Christmas eve with the important people in our lives fills our hearts with joy and gratitude.

Enjoy the Christmas Show with us on YouTube:


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