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Clean Eating in Nature

The children have a great connection with nature. They spend their days outdoors playing amongst in the woods and jungle. They find different fruits and herbs that we have planted in the garden. They love to discover wild vegetables that grow naturally in the jungle even more.

Now is the season for the “Amrkhamia Stipulate.” It is called “Khae Pa Flowers” in Thai. The children wake up early in the morning and run to pick up the flowers that fall in the night. They want to be the first to collect the fallen flowers. They are excited to collect as many as they can.  They take out the stem and let the petals dry under the sun. They boil or fry the petals to make salad.

The children really enjoy every aspect of the process of making flowers into food.  While being together with their group of friends and eating. They love eating something that comes from nature.

This season is also of season of Amla (gooseberry) and mangos.  The children like to collect Amla to make Amla chilli paste. Amla fruits have many great benefits for health such as hair, stomach and eyes.

They also like to make mango salad.  So not only is it delicious it is also good for the children to eat.

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