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Computer or Books?

For such a long time, the favourite place for the children to be in their spare time has been the computer room. However, now we can say that their minds have diverted back to books.

The children are flocking back to the library, not just for the books, most of them they are not even able to read. But, for the charming and lovely environment that our volunteers are creating for them. The volunteers are slowly and carefully awakening the children’s psychological eagerness to learn, and curiosity about the world.

English classes, Arts & Crafts, and music lesson are now conducted in the library. Right now, I think that library is the favoured hang-out place for the smallest ones. They can express themselves, whilst being inspired and motivated by our volunteers. They love to show their wonderful artwork off and they love the magic of being able to communicate with their very far away teachers, from the opposite sides of the word. It is such wonder for our stateless children. Even though their movement is limited to one province in a small corner of Thailand, their minds can soar high and reach places & people that they could never imagine in their normal daily lives.

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