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Congratulations! Our Girls’ Graduation

Our girls Chemusa, Dipti and Anipho have just graduated from high school!

Unbounded joy infused this morning of celebration

Congratulations Chemusa!

Congratulations Dipti!

Congratulations Anipho!

More children from Baan Unrak came to celebrate! One day, it will also be their turn to graduate!

Also the daughter of Pa Muno, Ishvari’s caregiver, graduated on this special day.

More children graduated today, who were helped by Baan Unrak in the past. Even though they don’t stay at our Home anymore, they are still and always grateful, and they showed it to Didi today!

Chemusa wishes to continue studying and go to university. She will study English for Business Communication


Anipho also wishes to continue study. She will study English for Tourism. Her dream is to become a tour guide.

Dipti will also go to university. She will study Social Sciences. She wants to become a social worker.

Good Luck!

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