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Cultural Exchange

The UWC international school in Phuket sent us a group of students, aged 16 to 18 years old, for 5 days.

It was an incredible experience for our children. They truly got a glimpse into different colorful cultures. We came to know the students and we connected with each other in the way that only young people can do. We can definitely say that we were touched to the depth of our hearts.

They were our guests. It was a pleasure to have them with us.

We introduced ourselves and told these young people our interests.

They also presented themselves and their own interests.

We formed groups to accomplish different tasks around the house.

Since it was Sunday, we could be together all day long.

It was fun to be with our new friends.

Some volunteers were incredible dancers. We danced and sang, creating the most amazing cultural mix.

Richard and Ama had such incredible energy.

Vaidehi, Alyx and Arin gave some drama classes to our children.

The younger children could not stop showing off their newly acquired skill of weeding the garden.

Next day, the children had to go back to school. Violet followed us. It was fun to have him with us. Everything he taught us was enjoyable and left a very clear impression in our minds.

Alyx, Vaidehi, and Arin had amazing art skills. They made an awesome mural and signboards for our Bakery. Actually, all our volunteers were good at art and they all pitched in when they were free from their specific tasks.

The cat also provided support with its presence.

Here is Aayah giving the final touch to the mural.

Kama, Ida and Aayah helped in preparing natural cough medicine and planting chili in the farm. But also time to time, the other volunteers came up to give a hand.

It's our last day!

A new team of children practiced very hard so they could put together our favorite yoga show.

We sang our songs.

We danced our dances.

The little children also put together a drama coached by their new friends.

Most importantly we danced the dances that Richard, Ama and Kama taught us.

We forgot some movements. No problem! It was just beautiful to be together.

Then the magic happened!

They joined us in the show.

We enjoyed the combination of African music and beautiful melodies. It was perfect for us.

Can we be friends together?

Will we remember each other when we grow up?

We hope so!

However, this beautiful moment will remain forever.

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