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Cultural show in Bromsgrove International School

Baan Unrak children traveled whole day to surprise the students of Bromsgrove International School with a brand new show.

They arrived to Bangkok to perform for over 400 people, children and parents.

In just a few months they created a new performance, that is based on Thai culture.

The couples represent different traditions of Thai culture, it has been full of beauty and creativity with love to Thai tradition.

It is a heartening display of the next generation embracing and celebrating their country's rich cultural traditions.

On the stage children start to glow, they meet their true selves and show how unique they are.

The children practiced a lot to share their passion to dance and culture.

This presentation is not only showcase the diversity of Thai culture but also an opportunity for the children to learn and take pride in their heritage while gaining confidence and self-expression through the performing arts.

Praipana, our talented singer, performed two songs: "Beautiful" and the Mermaid song.

As she stepped onto the stage, the spotlight illuminated Praipana, radiating a sense of confidence and grace. The melody of "Beautiful" began, and her soulful voice filled the air, touching the hearts of everyone in the audience. The song's uplifting lyrics and Praipana's emotive delivery conveyed a powerful message of self-acceptance and inner beauty.

Following the first performance, Praipana's storytelling ability brought to life the tale of a magical mermaid who yearned for freedom and love, leaving the audience spellbound with each note.

Here you can listen to the songs she performed on the stage:

And it wouldn't be Baan Unrak without our famous Yoga Show!

Children had prepared a new performance and with breathtaking moves and postures.

Acrobatic yoga show requires strong body and also strong mind. And performing on a stage in front of a huge audience is even more challenging.

It was a joy and inspiration for both the performers and the audience.

We are very happy to have so many friends in Bromsgrove International School and it was a pleasure to visit and perform for them.

Our friendship has only grown stronger and we hope to stay in touch and pay many more visits to each other.

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