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Dancing in the Rain

Finally we had a bit of fresh air.

It was so hot and sticky for so many months. We enjoyed every inch of our summer season but the first rain was the most welcome, it was a breath of freshness. The children danced under the rain while the staff of Baan Unrak was shouting to them to go to take shelter. No one could stop them to welcome this new face of nature. Some of them even grabbed their soap and ran out to take a shower under the pouring rain, shampoo included.

It is much easier to study in the freshness of the day and every work is done more effortlessly. We love the rain as much as we love the sun. Now our surrounding is luxuriantly green. It is so fun that we can find at every step some grass or leaves and flowers that can be brought to our dining table. The children are the most content with these first produces that are characteristic of the rainy season. The children are also enjoying to try their newly donated umbrellas under the pouring water. They give out a feeling of well being and contentment.

With the arrival of the rains, many new children came to Baan Unrak. Out there, there are many children in need of a helping hand. This time we’ve had so many new brothers and sisters. They came to Baan Unrak with mixed feelings, but most of them came with hope. Their first tremulous steps were clotted with bewilderment and trepidation. As time passed, they felt more in tune and we could see them gradually bursting into confidence each day more and more evidently. We see them blossom and open up their heart. It is beautiful to have them here. It is fun to have them around. Every child tried to welcome the new ones and make them to their ease. It’s exciting to be part of someone’s hope and helping someone to get established in this new surrounding. Now we have less space but I believe that we are happier.

Meet the new entries of Baan Unrak:

Then there is another side of this friendly water element.

It is so welcoming, so needed, yet with it comes the first cold and the first fever. We are used to that and we took care easily. The big sicknesses were lurking around the corners.

We got the news that many people in our village were getting sick with Dengue. The manager of Baan Unrak School was suffering unbearable pain with it, and as she knew that we had access to homeopathic remedy she asked us to help in any possible way. With the help of our homeopathic volunteer doctor (Dr. Mitra), we were able to develop a homeopathic protocol to ease the suffering. She responded well to the treatment and so several other villagers.

We knew that it was only a question of time before this sickness would come to visit us.

So this is what happened. Children started to not feel well. The first child to get sick this time was Samuella. He got a big fever and suffered a lot. As soon as we understood that it was a mosquito-related fever we started to medicate him with our homeopathic protocol. It took 4 days before he got well. After him we had children getting sick one after the other. Every day we had 2 or 3 new sick children. Sometimes we did not recognize the sickness immediately so it took them more time to feel better. We had to bring several children to the hospital, and we are currently having one child and one volunteer still hospitalized.

The picture now looks brighter though. Most of the children are getting better, but not without suffering, and some are still getting sick. It took us time to understand this sickness and to perfect the homeopathic protocol but it looks good now. Our last sick child is now recovering after only 2 days, while some of the other children and a volunteer took 3 to 5 days of suffering before getting well again.

To prevent more children to get sick, we also called Pest Control once again. Yet this time they did a much better job, spraying every inch of our home. For a while, it seemed as the apocalypse had come over Baan Unrak, enveloping the buildings with fumes. Then, the smoke went away and everything became normal again.

Meanwhile, our new children are getting adjusted and we can see how they are blossoming and establishing themselves among us. They are just part of us. Now that we know each other we can see already the qualities and weaknesses of each of them. We are blessed to have such an opportunity to help these children, and as with the rain, we rejoice in their strength and share in their suffering.

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