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December Celebrations,

December is a special month for many people in the world including for Baan Unrak children.

There are so many important festivals such as Christmas celebration and end of the year celebration.

Our Christmas was memorable and unique among all the festival. This festival stands for caring and feelings of love and it is very important to us.We try to recreate all those feeling around us. We started with a very good dinner.

The food was good and the setting in this particular occasion was tidy and beautiful.At this time, we all ate very formally sitting on chairs at the tables covered with beautiful table cloth decorated with fresh flowers and candle. (in our everyday life most of us usually eat on the floor) We did not have enough tables and chairs so we rented them. It was important for this occasion to eat together. This year, our hall was decorated with paper lantern that gave everything a mystic feeling.  It is such different situation to be all together listening to the soft carol music.

After dinner we had 3 Santa’s help to give out beautiful rapped presents. Every present was a surprised because it was prepared by a loving hand of students from a mysterious school in Bangkok.  We did not know what to aspect but every child in our home was happy and satisfied

Immediately after our dinner we all went to our football field. There was a surprise too. The Christmas’s fairy light brought us to the nativity scene of Bethlehem farmer setting. A little Bamboo hut with a little yard with goose and goats. And in the back-ground cows gazing near the fire.

It was homily. The little bamboo hat was empty but tiny clothes were hanging to dry near the fire. It seems that everything was waiting. One by one all our children and guests gathered in front the little hut.

Our smallest children sang their nursery rhymes. Then we closed our eyes and we sang our mantra Baba Nam Kevalam (Mantra that stand for Love is all). Everyone was holding a candle. By the time we open our eyes the little hut came alive with Mary,Joseph and little Baby.

It was really lovely as one by one our performers came forward and offered their performance as a gift to the new born Baby.

Cakes and drinks were also on the scene.  Our guest performed and also enjoyed. We all enjoyed.

At the end of the year celebration, all our children came back to the same scene,instead of the stage we had a bonfire. This closure of the year is another important event for Ban Unrak. We close in a beautiful way by being together around the fire and meditate to leave all the negativities behind and plaguing them in the fire. We meditated again with the certainty that the new year will be full of excitement and beautiful surprises for us and for all the world.

In the end we celebrate with homemade vegetarian hamburgers and marshmallow roasted on candle fire.

It was indeed lovely and cozy to be together in these special days

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