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Detox retreat: purifying body and mind

We had a 3-day detox program for our staff, with some children volunteering to join. It was a time of intentional restraint, focusing on limiting desires like food and social media, and focus on the inner world.

Didi Navisha conducted illuminating sessions on our body's functions, emphasizing the profound influence of our digestive system on our overall well-being.

Didi Devamala was sharing about the impact of greediness in our lives, seen as the root of worldly conflicts. She taught us that how to overcome this enemy of the mind by increasing the level of love and compassion and balancing the inner growth and outer service.

Balance of introspection (spiritual practice) and service outside is shaped as two triangles of the same size. It symbolizes our determination to understand our true nature and help others physically, mentally and spiritually.

The downward-pointing triangle symbolizes our inward-directed mind, while the upward-pointing one signifies connection to the world around us.

The children have put the triangles together creating a new mudra or gesture, which evolved into our retreat's motto and logo.

We had interesting discussions on many different topics. It was very informative, but also a lot of fun.

Twice daily, we gathered in a circle for a special Kiirtan singing practice, absorbing its powerful vibrations for spiritual elevation.

Meditated 4 times a day. It was very powerful and uplifted our spirituality and the feeling of unity.

Each morning commenced with the ritual of cleansing our systems by drinking lemon water and deep breathing while enjoying the sunrise.

Morning routines included the uplifting practice of singing Kiirtan.

Only fresh fruits and yogurt for breakfast.

Fasting... or feasting? :)

Simple lunch

The evening meal was extra light, making our night sleep peaceful and fulfilling.

Yoga sessions included traditional postures and special exercises for body cleansing.

One morning was dedicated to beauty procedures - skin detox.

Our skin, as a main cleansing organ, contributes significantly to purifying the entire body.

By using natural ingredients, we support the body's detox process, aiding in the elimination of toxins and impurities.

Expressing emotions and sharing experiences became a daily ritual during the retreat. In the conclusion, we wrote our feelings onto the colorful circles and openly discussed them, fostering a deeper connection and understanding among us.

Using natural materials, we crafted an artistic scheme of layers of the mind, decorating it with the colors representing our emotions. Through this act, we released and liberated our feelings, symbolically setting ourselves free.

Everyone felt light and joyful.

Teambuilding: uniting to overcome all the obstacles.

Now equipped with a sense of life's balance, we stand prepared to embrace new challenges ahead.

It was a great experience!


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