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Extra-curricular English classes

We now have Extra-curricular English classes offered to our children thanks to McGraw Hill Education!

At Baan Unrak Children’s Home, we always try to give our children exposure to important skills and experiences that will help them realize their potential and be able to live satisfying and responsible lives.   English-language skills are very valuable for our children, and through one of our donors and volunteers, we were introduced to McGraw Hilll Education.  Our volunteer and donor proposed the idea of the Baan Unrak English Language Academy, and McGraw Hill became interested in helping to advance the concept    Our idea was to develop classes that could supplement the English classes offered at Baan Unrak School and be taught by volunteers after school or on weekends to our children who wanted to take extra English classes and which could serve as a pilot program for possibly other similar locations where students and teachers were moving around and were learning outside of conventional school situations.  McGraw Hill Education became devoted to developing class outlines and teaching materials, as well as raising money to support the project.  McGraw Hill also invited Hong Kong University to join the Academy effort and Hong Kong University provided two student teachers to kick-off the first lessons at the Academy.   The leader of the program at McGraw Hill inspired many other McGraw Hill Education staff members and they put a lot of energy to start the first lessons of the Baan Unrak Language Academy.   They offered the same gifts to Baan Unrak School as well. The children are receiving knowledge in English from all directions such as from school, from home, from the care givers and from the volunteers. The program started during the first weeks of June.  We hope to continue it throughout the year.

After weeks of intensive classes we had a beautiful party where our children showcased their English by taking guests around, guiding and introducing them to the different facilities and faculty of Baan Unrak. In the party, the children enjoyed festivities and performed for the guests. They also played games with our guests, tutors and teachers. We received beautiful and interesting teaching aids such as ipads full of interactive resources. Among the other gifts included earphones, very special blankets and many different toys. The party was superb. The children were excited through-out the event, and continue to improve their English.  We are very glad that the launch of the Baan Unrak Language Academy could serve as an example for other similar situations and we are very proud of our children who are making an extra effort to study and improve their English skills in addition to their Thai, Karen and Burmese.

After 3 months, the teachers had to depart, leaving our children thankful but emotional. Our current staff and volunteers treasured the contribution of McGraw Hill Education and will follow in their footsteps to guide the children’s ongoing development. Our sincerest thanks go out to McGraw Hill as well as Mel and Kat; you played a special role in our home.

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