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Fairy land

The most bountiful and magical time in our area is at the beginning of the monsoon and  just after the monsoon are subsiding. It seems like the nature is opening up itself and give out all that is good and beautiful. In this time even the most timid plant will pop up to bath in the luxurious sun.

At this time the Karen people cannot contain themselves to go to the jungle, mountains and valleys to immerge themselves in the nature. They look for food, Roots, grasses, tubers and leaves. Everything in their hands became edible. Every little plant has a cause of inexplicable happiness. The falling or the cutting down of a big tree is a cause of excruciating sorrow.

They are people who have a great bond with nature.  We could simply say that they are the true fairies and elves of this magical land.

Our children are feeling the calling and they become restless to be there in the lap of Mother Nature. Searching for nature’s treasures. They will scrutinize every single blade of grass, smell every single flower, and touch every leaf and roots.

It is such a mood boosting activity. Everybody spirit is high. Everybody become creative and show great insight of nature.

The natures’ gifts are gathered together at the end of the day and everybody share cleaning, sorting piling. All these activities create another bond between the gatherers a bond that makes them truly brothers and sisters.

We do not know what vitamins and nutrients those vegetable contains as we cannot find it written in any existing blogs or information channels but we can easily see that after it’s consumption the level of contentment and wellbeing and satisfaction is reflected in our community.

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