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Fresh and Clean Water

It is a dream that has come true!

For many years we have been struggling just to ensure that we have sufficient water at Baan Unrak.

Now, not only do we have water but we have fresh, pure, clean water.

It came through the kindness of one of our volunteers. She felt connected with us and some of the stories of the children. She had a yearning to give us a very precious gift. Something that we needed and will cherish for a long time.

One day she was talking to the BU founder and coordinator about a water filtration company gave a very good bargain to set up a system that would purify our water. But even with such a bargain it was still a huge undertaking and had a high cost associated. Their water filter removes impurities by lowering contamination of water by using a barrier, chemical process and biological process to purify and it was much cheaper than others.

Suddenly Kelsey knew what she wanted to help with. She wanted our children to have clean water and she wanted to be the one to give it to them.

She was so enthusiastic that it became contagious, making everyone feel jubilant. She immediately called upon friends, relatives and colleagues to advocate for Baan Unrak and this dire need. With her eagerness in only a few days she came up with the amount that was necessary, not only for the water filter, but for some other needs that related to our water system.

The company surprised us as well by being so prompt and coming immediately to install the entire system. It was incredible how a wish became a reality within 15 days.

Baan Unrak will always be indebted to this volunteer and to all the kindness of everyone who has contributed to her call.

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