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Fun day out for our Kindy Kids

On Friday, 8 February 2019 the teacher of kindy school took all the children for a fun day out to do picnic and a dip in the river.

MsMelek has informed the children a few days earlier so today everybody got up feeling excited, knowing well that they are going for a trip. We brought along some food and drinks for the children’s lunch. The bus left our premise at 10am and on the way we stopped by a supermarket to get some quick bites incase anyone feels hungry on the way.

The journey was smooth and filled with the sound of happiness. These children are filled with joy when they see things, hear sounds and feel the different textures that are present around them with their innocent and inquisitive little minds. They wonder in awe towards the world around them and by providing them this kind of opportunity, we help expand their horizon a little bit more.

When we reach the picnic spot, the car drove over the shallow river again we heard the scream of joy by all children. They definitely are enjoying this little adventure we are on 😊

We swam, splashed, dipped in the water and once done, everybody dried themselves and got changed. MsMelek and other mothers gathered all children into forming a small circle and started their morning songs. They greeted each other good morning and conveyed gratitude to The Universe and Nature around them through their songs.

All the children then sat on the mat and blessed their food before passing it around to the person next to them.

That’s a great lesson of patience and sharing being fostered through simple daily actions. Everybody was hungry they finished their meals fast and hopped back onto the bus after helping to clear up the dishes and mat.

It was a great day out for everyone especially the children. See you soon on the next one 😊

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