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Happy midterm holiday

Today we have officially started the midterm holiday. The children are overjoyed.

School has finished from the 29th of September until the 31st of October. Until now the children have dedicated their time to help the home in fulfilling different tasks around the facility.

Some children helped in the construction of the future ping pong hall.

Some other did deep cleaning to take away the mold and bacteria of the raining season. Other helped in Bakery and some other helped with sick children and making natural medicine. We had dances too and Music.

It is always great to see children busy in a common task.

Every morning you can feel the freshness of the day in the chatting of the children happily working together.

As a reward we surprised them today by giving the ones who worked the hardest in the school presents.

Based on their work performance we rewarded them by giving them money to spend during the holiday.

We wish them to enjoy their holiday as much as possible, 20 days will pass  very fast  and then they have to work hard once again.

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