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Health and Agriculture Workshop

Baan Unrak hosted the junior high students from the community, Baan Unrak, Baan Dada and Children of the Forest for a seminar that took them out of school and participating in a fun filled two days of workshops. A long time social worker for the community, Saikama, ran the entire program.

The first day was all about health. This is a time for a lot of changes for teenagers. It is important to discuss and educate them about their bodies and how to keep them healthy. Some of the topics were CPR, sex education, prevention of disease, pregnancy and hygiene. There were two nurses and three doctors from the local hospital who conducted the discussions and education portion.

The second day was ran by Dada Priyarainjana and was all about agriculture, organic farming and nutrition. The morning was spent in a seminar type forum and then after lunch the children participated in hands on activities of all they learned. The kids were divided in four groups and there were four stations of activities.

The first station was to test the soil. They each found soil around Baan Unrak and measured it for percentages of clay, silt and sand. The perfect combination for ultimate growing is 20% clay, 40% silt and 40% sand.

The second station was to learn how to make Sauer Kraut and nutritious sprouts. How to clean and can in mason jars. The third station was all about compost. How to utilize it and what it should be made of. The fourth station was how to make clay balls for planting seeds. The purpose of the mixture surrounding the seed is to prevent the animals or insects from either eating it or infecting it. This mixture is organic and the alternative to chemicals.

Overall the kids loved the two day workshop! They sang songs and played games in between getting a real education. Not to mention, they did special meals and snacks each of the days.

Such a success!

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