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Heart for a smile

A group of our friends from Italy that put on theatrical performance for children came to visit Baan Unrak. They are passionate in helping Baan Unrak and they support our organization with committing their time and energy in improving our facility. This group is called “cuore per un sorriso,” which means “heart for a smile.”

They have been to Baan Unrak before and were gracious enough to return with the promise of many more visits in the future.  Their tireless dedication was much appreciated.

The current projects they worked on were fixing all the electric wire, carpentering jobs, and yard work in the garden. As well as fixing some playground equipment for the children. They were tireless in their endeavors.  We appreciate their efforts in improving the infrastructure of Baan Unrak.

On top of all of this, they still found time to bring the children to the market and then presented us with two hours of their theatrical circus and variety show. The kids loved it!  They had never seen anything quite like it and will cherish this fun event for a long time.

They also plan to go to three different schools in the villages of Burma to share their theatrical performance.

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