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High spirited energy

It was one of the darkest nights in the month of September. We could hear the sound of manylittle feet running,coming from the forest near the newly built bamboo bridge and other sounds of splashing in the flooded area accompanied by children’s exciting voices. Our boys were running to meet us.

They wanted to help us to bring the precious hay stack that we bought earlier in the day and the other food supply. The haystack was our cow’s fodder and the supply for the children in the home. Everything was supposed to be brought under the safety of the roof of our home before the big storm came. The task was not easy even for fully grown men in the day time. What could these children in the night in perilous circumstances do?

To say that they were excited is to say the least. They were fully vibrating with high-spirit and enthusiasm. The only light that lit our way in the night beside their sparkling eyes was our half-discharged torch light of the night watchman.

It was a challenge that they wanted to win at any cost, with wit and determination. Our nursery swimming pool became our raft which we used to bring the ration and all the children from one side of the flooded area to another. The task sounds easier than done.

Navigating a swimming pool, by the kids, through a flooded area with deep waters on both the side, at night without the presence of any streetlights is a much greater task. It took 5 trips of our improvised raft to carry across all our stuff. The spirit of adventure and the challenge made these children alive and fulfilled.

One child’s eyes were particularly brighter than the others.

Who said that Wonchai is a follower? Always in need of approval? Always to please some one? Here he was a leader by his own right, his energy was magnetic, giving out an aura of authority and security.

He was a leader from whom everyone drew inspiration and energy.

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