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Home exchange program

On the occasion of the South East Asian Neo-Humanistic conference in Bali, Prema was invited for a unique opportunity to create a link between Neo-Humanist homes around the globe.

It was the second experiment of this kind for Baan Unrak and it was very successful. Hopefully we can make more of this kind of program. Naturally if our sponsors are kind enough to support it. The homes share the same values and ideas, but the mode of operation is quite different. Every place has its own very distinctive culture and habits and it was amazing how quickly the children met on the same platform of values.

It was a rare occasion of learning to share ideas and discovering solutions. It was extremely inspirational for Prema, one of our teenager girls, who is waiting to enter University, to be there among the peace minded Balinese people.

After the initial awkwardness of getting used to each other, the children were able to establish a warm relationship and a strong bound.  They shared many experiences of joy and also of sorrow. All the children of Pantiasuhan cried when Prema sang to them a very touching Baan Unrak song.

They shared many things – songs, music, dances, cooking and life experiences.

Prema was very moved by the gentleness of the Pantiasuhan children. To be an orphan in Bali is not so scary. The Balinese culture is extremely sweet.  You can immediately find solace and nourishment from all the community around you.

Prema said she wished that all our children could have the opportunity to be in Bali. To not feel threatened or bullied by aggressive peers. In that peaceful environment the children could easily express their inner potential. While in our village even the children support each other in the home they can find a lot of harshness in the outside society.

Before the last day at the Conference Cultural Programme, the children of Pantiasuhan had the chance to show their art and Prema had the chance to sing another of the beautiful Baan Unrak children’s home songs. She was cheered and admired by all the conference attendees.

On her finial day, all the Pantiasuhan’s children where there to greet and hug her. It was an emotional farewell.

Prema will never forget them. She brought them back in her heart and now here in Baan Unrak, she is cooking for us Balinese food, teaching the children how to be more disciplined and more loving.

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