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Homeopathy for Sangkhlaburi

This weekend the village was visited by a very special homeopathic group and doctor. They came to offer their services and expertise to the village and Baan Unrak, and we were delighted to be able to host them.

Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine that focusses on “treating like with like”, by giving a small amount of what causes the illness – diluted many times in water – as the medicine.

Homeopathic doctors listen to their patients and understand all aspects of their lives before giving treatment. This is highly effective for many people, and the previous visit from the same group was a huge success. We are so pleased to have their help again, especially after the illnesses brought by the rainy season.

The doctors opened up a clinic at both the school and the bakery on Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th and Monday 16th December. People came from all around the village and neighboring area to receive medicine.

The children of Baan Unrak did their duty to make everyone feel very welcome and comfortable. They served up drinks, snacks and meals freely to everyone with big smiles and helped with all the cleaning afterwards.

Of course, we can’t forget the hard work of the staff at Baan Unrak Bakery. They made sure delicious meals were served to our guests and helped to cater for the crowds.

These few days have been very good for recovering body, mind and soul. We are incredibly grateful that our little village was remembered by this group of homeopathy students and doctor and hope they can come back again in the future.

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