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Journey Beyond Borders: UWC Visits Baan Unrak

All our children eagerly awaited the arrival of the UWC students, who visit us every year. Each time, a different group of students arrives, bringing with them a sense of fascination and wonder, as if a new universe is opening before our eyes. These children from this prestigious school come from all over the world, including some from very troubled countries

Each student represents an entirely new possibility, a new universe.

Our curiosity about them mirrors their curiosity about us.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement, curiosity, and a hint of shyness, shared by both our children and the visiting students.

We took tentative steps to connect. Tangmo and Didi, our home in charge, were great in helping us break the ice by introducing our project and sharing our main principles of love and compassion for all living beings. They explained the basic practices and communicated our core values of care and love through the silent time game that we practice daily.

The first days were spent observing, playing games, eating together, and slowly getting to know one another.

We wished to be with them all the time, but we needed to go to school every day. While they waited for us to come back from school, they served us by painting our house to make it more welcoming and cozy,

making attractive signboards,

and going to our home nursery to take care of our little brothers and sisters.

Contributed to the construction of a new toilet.

Additionally, they explored our surroundings and got to know us better by serving the poor in Sangkhlaburi. This experience helped them understand our background and appreciate the crucial role Baan Unrak plays in the well-being of the children in Sangkhlaburi,

They had time to explore our beautiful township with all its attractions. This allowed them to appreciate another aspect of our cultural purity and beauty.

We deeply appreciate the arrival of our friends; it means so much to us. Many of us cannot travel, as some of us are displaced and have no country to call our own. Still, we have a strong desire to connect and gain knowledge.

We cannot go to the world, but the world has come to us.

The UWC students' visit is more than a cultural exchange; it's a celebration of unity, resilience, and the boundless possibilities that arise when we come together.

The need for facilitators and leaders faded away as we naturally connected. There is something uniquely special about youth meeting youth. The shared laughter and joy fuel our hope for a brighter future, where unity and understanding transcend borders.

"These moments are precious, reminding us that despite our differences, we are united in our humanity."

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