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Kru Ball

At the moment, we have 110 children, 50 employees and five different projects to oversee at Baan Unrak. All would have been very difficult to do if it wasn’t for our staff. One of these special people is Kru Ball.

Kru Ball is a very humble person with a lot of respect for the work that we are doing. Because of him we can get paperwork for long term volunteers, register the entire workforce and deal with the government officials.

Kru Ball’s passion is to teach but he was not able to study this passion when he was young. So he is very happy to join us. Here he can fulfill his dream. Once he finishes his office duty he takes every opportunity to help the children with their homework.  He loves to do that and the children are really thankful.

On the January 11, a group of volunteers from the government came to visit us. It is so important for Baan Unrak to bridge a relationship with government social activities. Kru Ball  indeed  represented us very well. It was a success and it cemented our relationship.

They are very appreciative of our work. They left Baan Unrak with very positive mindset of the work being done here and the children we are helping.

Thank you to Kru Ball as you are a valuable heart for our children and an irreplaceable representative for the government offices.

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