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Last Day of School

The last day of school is as important as the first one.

The children will be once again surrendered to the hands of their parents, more accomplished and more knowledgeable. It is only natural that the children want to demonstrate their different skills to their parents and the community.

There is a sense of pride and accomplishment, and the viewing of the school report is the indispensable ritual that has to come at the end of the school activities.

It is when all the children would crowd around Didi trying to take a glimpse of their school report and to read the pleasure on the face of Didi.

In fact, this year has been very fruitful as many children have improved, and we could see many “A” in their reports.

The setting for the performance and the graduation ceremony was perfect, and everybody enjoyed the show.

The Teacher prepared the stage in a very ingenious way so that all the people and the performers were sheltered from the scorching sun, and all around the stage, there were stations where the newly graduated could pose with their teachers and parents.

Behind the stage, there was also a refreshment to surprise everybody.

It was a beautiful day, that many of the children and parents will remember forever.

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