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Last weekend, our children not only had a really great fun but also learned a lot!

One of our sponsors invited Crimson Education and White Room Charity to Baan Unrak Children’s Home to run some excited activities with our children. Crimson Education and White Room Charity are experts of education and children. The activities are design in a game form to teach children real knowledge.

The activities overall goals are to encourage the younger students who have quite lots of time to prepare for their college admission and still seeking experience to learn both soft skills and concept of academic stuff in science, math, languages, history and economics, in the most enjoyable and applicable ways. Then they can apply the knowledge in admission related exams and their life as well.

They started with an ice-breaking game with childrenand then dividend them into 7. They then kicked it off with a treasure-hunting game, by which the children needed to solve some geometry problems to make a cylinder or cube. Then they needed to follow a map to reach the destination and dig into the basin with their hand-made geometric containers, to find the hidden gold beads. They were awarded gold depending on how close between the gold beads volume that the students had calculated, and the real volume measured by the measuring cylinder.

These 7 groups competed with one another through various games, by earning as much gold as possible to win.

Then they ran through charades, surfboat games that encourage the children to express themselves and do some handy-craft activities, especially during the surfboard game. The children need to train their minds to think of a solution to make their paper boat float on water and carry as many marbles as possible.

The atmosphere really reached a high point, including the teachers.

These education experts who came up with this gold idea instead of scores are geniuses, because in the final game the children could spend the gold they earned, and helped them to make more gold. They needed to buy raw materials represented by paper and make some higher valued goods, like, making a hammer out of stone and steel and then sell hammers to the teachers. They could even buy a recipe to invest, or they could keep the hammer to make more pricier goods. This was actually an economic management game which was super cool, where the children could learn a lot, and have great fun!

On the second day, the expert team designed a lecture for grade 9 to grade 12, focusing on the admission to Universities. This activity’s overall goal was to provide admission-related information to the senior students (Grade 9 – 12), who are going to select the path for their next step of education. This session covered these topics.

The lecturers walked through all the choices the children can make after G.9 (Matthayom 3), and after G.12 (Matthayom 6). The University administration was explained in a very detailed way, demonstrating the Thai University Admission System with graphics and games.

They even got fabulous feedback from children that said94% of the participant want us to run the activity in the next year.

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