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Love from, and to, Korea

Just recently we experienced a wave of love from Korea

A Dada (Monk of the Ananda Marga) brought from Korea a group of Young meditation and yoga practitioners to our place. They all wanted to have a peaceful place where they could practice their teaching. They were glad to be in our midst as they impart integration of their philosophy in Self-realization and services to all.  In our place they will have a happy blending of spiritual practices and service.

We were expecting them anxiously and we did our best to make the place tidier and more welcoming.

As they arrived, we felt the great magmatism and we looked forward for the moment that we could share together.

They passed a lot of their time at the top of the hill where we reserve everything which is important for Baan Unrak. It is there we go to meditate in the most important times of our life. There we celebrate our new year, we celebrate marriages and any other function whether it be happy or sad.

Most of the time our Korea friends participated in meditation and spiritual sharing. We did join with them in two occasion. It was a powerful time. We were shaken at the core of our soul. We felt what it could it be like if all the good people would only join together not only the tremendous power but also the amount of bliss generated buy such gathering.

They took also some of their time to come down to our dining hall to meet us, to eat and for sharing. When our teenagers brought them to do relief in the poorest places in our area, our guests could not believe how much in need everybody is.  They sponsored for each family rice, beans and oil.

In the last day we had the chance to share our performance routine and they also give their surprising Korea cultural song. Every day was a happy day together.

The last night of sharing we could see how this experience had a very deep effect to our guests, and the time at Baan Unrak became a land mark of their growth as well.

The most interesting aspect was the magic of the love that was working out all around us.

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