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Love Mother Earth Project

A couple from Italy came to Baan Unrak on the first week of August to volunteer their time.  They have been long time sponsors and have previously helped Baan Unrak in different ways from their own country. They came to visit us full of energy, ready to help in any way they can. They took Mother Day as an opportunity to present service to the mother earth. It was a good time to present this project for the children, as Mother Day is an especially tumultuous time for our children. The children listened very carefully to the presentation about recycling and respecting the mother earth.

The new recycling process allows all children to participate in doing the right thing. We have many bins each with a different color according to what kind of trash we have to deposit inside.

There was a little drama to demonstrate how to use them. One of the volunteers wore a garment made of trash and the children had to take out different items and dispose of them in the appropriate bin. It was very enjoyable for the children. We hope the children learned to do their part.

After the presentation of Mother Day, all the children went around the property of Baan Unrak to be aware of where all the bins were locate.

After that day on, they worked to keep our property clean.

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