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Loy Krathong celebration

On the first full-moon night of November we pay tribute to Mother Water.

Without it, neither our own life nor life on Earth is impossible. This time of the year there is enough water, but it is not always like that. So here in Baan Unrak we know how to appreciate water.

An important part of the celebration is preparation. Everyone can show their creativity. Children make their krathongs from banana tree trunks and banana leaves, decorating with flowers, leaves, seeds, papaya peels and anything beautiful they can find. Candles and incense sticks complete the look.

Some krathongs are tender and mysterious.

Some are original and not similar to any others.

All the children show their creativity and personality. We take a close look at all the krathongs and choose the best ones.

We sing the mantra as we walk down to the lake. We light the candles and incense sticks. A fire is lit near the water.

The full moon hides behind the clouds, but then suddenly illuminates the water. What a stunning view!

Everyone is enjoying.

It's time to make a wish and let the krathong float into the lake.

What wishes do they make? It is a big secret.

But maybe you can guess?

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