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Magic in Baan Unrak

We in Baan Unrak love to welcome anyone and everyone who are committed to volunteer. As long as the person agrees to some simple rules that we have laid such as; keeping the practice of living vegetarian and staying away from intoxicants. As we aim to sustain and maintain the vibration of our home with positive energy.

Our recent volunteer,Austin (26) from Shendong, China, showed great level of enthusiasm when he first contacted us. Touched by the kindness and genuine hearts of the children his initial plan of staying for 3 months then extended to 6.

Having worked in engineering field, Austin started to feel thathis corporate life is beginning to drain him and felt a strong call to do something beyond his daily routine. Sohe decided to take a leap of faith by quitting his 9-5 job and started his search for alternative activities to fill up his day and that’s when he found Baan Unrak.

Austin told us that he couldn’t have made a better decision in life and that he gained so much valuable life lessons from Baan Unrak. He learned from the children what resilience is, what true happiness and contentment are and more importantly to believe that there’s always Hope for a better tomorrow. Throughout his stay, he dedicated his days in producing “magical” videos around the activities of the children. He used to interact with the children, understanding them and tell stories with his videos.

If there’s something he would convey to other volunteers would be; To contribute as much as we can and dedicate our time here wholeheartedly. What we will gain is beyond what we can give.

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