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Memorial ceremony

Baan Unrak is all about people.

Baan Unrak is our children and our friends.

We wish we could only experience the joy of being together, but life is a combination of all colors.

Today we say goodbye to our dear friend Charles.

On this ceremony, we walk the immortal soul in the continuous journey toward the Supreme.

Kiirtan and collective meditation is part of a ceremony. It is a beautiful way to tune into a high wave and feel the unconditional love that surrounds us.

Shraddha, the memorial ceremony, is our way to accept what cannot be changed and see the beauty of life even in this difficult moment.

We cannot accompany our beloved in their journey anymore and we liberate ourselves from all the responsibilities towards them. We return the eternal soul to where it truly belongs.

The closest relative gave everyone a sip of water.

So simple, yet so powerful, this small ritual made us feel united and purified.

There were both, tears and smiles.

Everyone could feel the importance of this ceremony for the family members and for us as well.

The youngest members of our society brought their light and opened our hearts. The purity in the eyes of the small children could remove the pain of the loss.

Shraddha ceremony reminded us that life and death are parts of a Divine game.

Even though our dear friend will be always missed and remembered, we feel the joy to return him to the gracious lap of the Lord.


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