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Mother’s Day gave the children an opportunity to express affection to their caretakers, and take a moment to appreciate the familial bond we have here.

The day began with a focus on the grandest mom of them all – Mother Earth. Two volunteers prepared a fun and innovative recycling activity and the smaller children had a grand time learning about how to “give back” to the environment. Mother Earth provides us life and support and the focus on her can help distract some emotional children from lamenting over loss.

Mother’s Day has the potential of being very painful for children away from their biological mothers. This is not the case at Baan Unrak. It is a very sentimental day, and the children regard their caretakers and DiDi as mother figures, knowing the sacrifice and adoration these matrons give them. The adults who were once children looked after by DiDi gave flowers and gave her special thanks.  The current children of Baan Unrak decorated a very special table with beautiful flowers for all the mothers and caretakers in our community and the children prepared very special foods for them. The children gave hearts made from paper to their personal heroines and sang songs about appreciation and respect.

In the evening, the children even made a surprise for Didi. After meditation, all the light went off. Didi was worried that we wouldn’t have light, but then one candle is illuminated in the darkness – then two candles – then so many candles all around Didi! It was like magic. Didi was in the middle of the room and the children had formed a circle around Didi. More songs were sung with full enthusiasm.

When the ceremony was finished cake was distributed to all.

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