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Mother Nature at her harshest

The rain in Sangkhlaburi persists, causing more flooding. It has reached a point where the bridge to Baan Unrak home is now completely covered with water and is past the waist.

The Saphan Mon bridge that connects Sangkhlaburi with Mon villiage, is a  400 meters long, hand made wooden bridge. It will only take about one more meter for the water the reach the top of the bridge.

Of course this has caused some discomfort but it is has not broken anyone’s spirit, in fact it has brought the community even more together. People are being motivated by the circumstances to be more creative on how to move around and carry on with their lives even though the water is still rising.

In one day the community and Baan Unrak staff has build a bridge from Bamboo.

The filter of the lorry has been moved to the top of the vehicle so it can cross the river, to take and pick up the children from school. As the water is rising it is only a matter of time until the vehicle will not be able to drive through it anymore. We will have to start considering to get a boat.

We had to move our farm more up hill as we lost all our crops. We now have to buy our vegetables.

The children are absolutely positive about the water being this high. They now have the opportunity to go swim and play in the water and be close to home.

The children are able to love Mother Nature in her harshest manifestation just like they love their own mothers in and outside of Baan Unrak.

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