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Mother's day

The world and the laws that govern it are sometimes hard to live with. We, children of this world, can sometimes find ourselves without maternal love.

However at Baan Unrak we have someone very special that takes care of us. This person often talks to us about the importance of love while she is giving us so much of it.

Mother's Day is the best time to thank her. We gathered in secret and discussed the best way to express ourselves and to surprise her.

Big brothers and big sisters take special care to explain to little brothers and little sisters how it will happen.

We are ready and she is coming. The surprise has its effect and the smiles settle in.

This year we have chosen to send her a message of peace and love through few words. A mother being a mother, she answered in the same tone.

To bless someone and to show our respect, it is usual in Asia to bow.

In the evening, we surprised her again. All together we gather again and ...

... We serenade her.

Our message is not only about the affection we have we share also about our dream made possible thanks to her.

Thank you for all the gracious attentions and all you do for us.

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