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Natural Medicine

In Baan Unrak, if there is a problem we try to find the natural solution and have found that many plants that grow in our garden can be used.

After the visit of an Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Ramesh Chandra from India, we realized that we have a treasure of medical plants here at Baan Unrak. We are now working to preserve the plants that are beneficial for the health. We already started to dry some plants and have been using them regularly. We have enriched the diet of the children with some herbs that are rich in minerals and vitamins.

Lately the children have been suffering from many skin diseases. We have tried hospital medicine, traditional medicine, and homeopathic medicine but nothing worked.  We started with a new formula from the Ayurvedic medicine and a lot of ringworm and prickly heat disappeared in a very short time. Just like magic! Of course it was not magic; it is the natural treasure of special medical plants growing naturally in our back yard.

Now we try to utilize our special plants. A long time ago our garden used to be a jungle, and we are sure that soon or later we will come across more very unique and special herbs. It is our deepest desire to be able to restore and preserve the local indigenous knowledge of natural remedies. It breaks our hearts to know that slowly and surely this knowledge will be lost forever if no one will make an effort to save and preserve it.

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