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Nature’s Immersion

It was the most irresistible invitation when our new Baan Unrak’s leaders asked for the bravest ones to go on a jungle excursion. A 4 hour hike led them into the unknown, and away from the accustomed surroundings.

It was an exciting but tiresome time. The journey back was riverside, riding inflatable tubes and collecting vegetables on the banks of the stream. The water was gentle, letting the ride back go at a leisurely pace.

Humanity has its origin in the forest. It’s about getting in touch with one’s roots, both literally and figuratively. We came from the jungle, shaded by its leaves, fed by its bounty. To these children it is not so far off in the past.

The thrill of adventure also pulls at the teens’ heartstrings, compelling them to find thrills and experience life.  Instead of just observing nature, they need to be enveloped in it, participating in the wild world of unsettled lands.

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