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New Beginning

There was a buzz of excitement in the air. Everybody busy with little tasks.

One of our big sisters was going to marry. We have not had a wedding in many years.

In the raining morning of early June.  The children climbed up the hill, in their prettiest attire, toward the Pagoda with the mountains in the background lightly covered in mist.  Even with the rain it was a spectacular view.

Our Dokkuew came to stay with us seven years ago and now she is getting ready to take her position within society as a young married lady.  She was such a little thing and now she has grown into a beautiful woman.

It felt right, it felt as the natural flow of life continues to take on vitality. It was a simple ceremony but felt from the heart surrounded by people with love.

The Bride and the Bridegroom exchanged promises.  The children slowly inched closer to hear their vows.

They exchanged the promise to look after each other’s needs, welfare and development.  Three promises made by the couple and then the community promised that they will do their best to help them in their new way of life.

The culminating point was the exchange of garland three times between the couple to secure each promise.

The simple but beautiful decoration took days of care and love.  Everything was made by hand with no cost just the time and energy of the children and volunteers.  Modest food but delicious and the most beautiful cake designed by one of our eldest children who is an expert artist baker.  Everything was perfect and just right.  A large amount of people came from the extended family of the bridegroom, Sutip.  The social workers team that has followed Dokkuew’s life from childhood to the day that she entered our house until now to the marriage ceremony. They gave to the ceremony a social recognition and respect along with the colorful touch of the Mon culture.

It was a lovely wedding.

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