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New Home of Joy

Baan Unrak has seen many generations of children come in and out of Baan Unrak. The first children to arrive have already moved onto their professional lives and now many of them with families of their own.

Since the very beginning we have had a strong connection with Burma. All our care-givers were graduated teachers or college students from Burma who could not complete education because of political unrest and poverty, in their country. We were very fortunate because these young ladies where highly cultured, sweet and with very good manners.

Their sacrifice and love were admirable. Some care-givers have lived here most of their youth dedicating their lives to our children. Some of these mothers could not stop to think about the countless suffering children of Burma. There was an unrelenting urge, even while showering love and discipline to our little ones, that they could not forget the little youth of their home villages.

When Didi (our founder) was telling to Melek (the senior most mother) about the possibility to start a home and school across the border, tears came into her eyes. In fact, it was her secret dream to do something for the suffering of the neglected children of Burma.  For the first time she dared to think that it was all possible.

Incredibly, we immediately found a very kind person that wanted to sponsor our project.  It took quite long to build the house. On  its completion on the 2015 we instantly had  37 children attending our kindergarten. Melek, the coordinator, always made sure that not only we helped our little school, but that we served and donated to other poor schools in the area. We are famous in Myanmar Myine Thar Yar village.

Every so often they see us arriving with the car full of goodies, school supplies, food, construction things, etc. We are so happy that we can help these beautiful people.

Melek                                                                     Pazawhtoo

And Melek and the ex Baan Unraak Care-givers (now the teachers of our school) are overjoyed. After so many years of serving our children in Thailand now also the children of Myanmar  are getting benefited.

For 3 years we ran the kindergarten with the most revered respect of the villagers and monks of the Myine Thar Yar village.

Now they took the biggest step of all, they enriched our school with 4 most in need children that if not for us they would have no where else to go. Now we can truly call our school HOME.

Our new children – the beautiful children of Baan Unrak

There are our new beautiful children that came to us not only for knowledge but for stability, love and care. Now Baan Unrak in Burma is their home.

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