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New kitchen and cooking activities

The children in Baan Unrak are so thrilled that they are now able to cook and create dishes in the newly completed kitchen. Made of bamboo with straw roof, complete with wash basins, stoves and a comfortable sitting space, this new kitchen has quickly become one of the most favorite places for the children.

This is the first weekend that the girls have started utilizing it. So, they decided among themselves to prepare some Thai traditional meals for Didi and our volunteers Cat and Roshni. In the menu was broccoli, cha om, pak wan and soup.

It is very convenient to cook in this kitchen according to the girls because the size of the space is just right and easy to manage as they don’t have to go back and forth to get the utensils and cooking items like in the main kitchen. Having given full trust and freedom to explore and utilize the kitchen really seem to boost up their confidence. This is seen from the way they come up with some creativity and teamwork in preparing the dishes.

Aye Aye one of our teenagers had organized a cooking class on one of the weekends. She showed everyone how to make a chili peanut sauce and a super delicious vegemite that was made with green beans. It was so good to see the children enjoying the new kitchen and being responsible in maintaining the cleanliness after using it. Well done children, we look forward for more kitchen’s creations in the coming week 😉

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