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New life

Such incredible excitement. Dokbua is has given birth to her first son. A healthy boy of 3.4 kg.

We can see from the pictures a tired mother, but her face is all lit up with pride.

We cannot be with her right now, as she had a complicate delivery and needed to be brought to the provincial hospital in Kanchanaburi.

200 km away and we still managed to follow all the stages of her delivery. But now no matter what has pass there is only joy  in the eyes of this young mother.

At least Som, her younger sister, was with her and most importantly her best friend living in Kanchanaburi was there to support and care for her. So the little boy arrived into this world with people that were excited for his coming and he was well and truly encircled by love.

Dokbua is our child from the home. After leaving the home she got into a tricky relationship that left her as an expecting single mom. We gave her shelter and she gave life lesson and care to our young girls.

She became the elder sister that guided them and gave duty to them. It is not easy to be teenager girl in charge, but Dokbua could do that. She guided our girls throw the summer holidays, teaching them how to work and to paint the house. She helped out until she become too big. 3 weeks ago, she started to dedicate all her time to the future addition of her family. Her room walls all painted and decorated. She was ready. when she comes back from hospital, she will have all the things she needs to nurture the newcomer to Baan Unrak.

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