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New “Unique” members of Baan UnrakFamily

Just a couple of days ago the home is blessed with the presence of three new born baby goats. Such adorable little addition to the family of Baan Unrak, adding joy to the hearts of the children while seeing these little babies move around despite barely being able to walk. Unfortunately, the mother goat isn’t able to produce enough milk so we have to interfere by bottle feeding these little goats.

Children took turn in taking care and feeding these babies, holding them gently while helping them to latch on to the bottle. It wasn’t so easy in the beginning because they weren’t used to it but after a few trials, they successfully finished up the entire bottle of milk that we prepared. It gives us the sense of satisfaction and relief to know that these babies are well fed and have their needs met.

Some of the children also took the initiative in collecting some grasses and leaves to feed the mother goat and a small shed was built near our kitchen so it is easier for the children to do their turns in feeding the baby goats and taking care of them.

Out of all baby goats, one baby stands out the most because it is the only female among the other three and she has a different fur color. She is black with a unique white – heart shaped fur on the side of her body. She is also quite small compared to her other siblings as she took a little longer to adjust into bottle drinking.

All children showed their care and affection towards these new members of our family and we sure hope that these babies would grow into healthy young goats 😊

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