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New Year’s Games

We welcomed the new year in the purest way at the wooden Pagoda, all reunited in collective meditation as the sun was rising. Then, as the first day of 2020 unfolded, we started to play!

And so, after lunch the children were racing up and down the dining hall carrying a friend on their back, or in their arms, or as a wheelbarrow… or in every way they could!

The floor was all slippery, covered with flour as it was, after the children had previously played the classic “eat & drink” (see the children playing it in Pattaya), which also involves finding a coin in a plate full of flour, indeed.

Then, we all enjoyed the very first ice cream of the year!

Word reached us that a wonderful castle had arrived in the village for the holidays. So we decided to go and find out after dinner…

When we got to the evening market, we remained wowed: a colorful bouncy castle was right there, waiting for our children to conquer it!

The inflatable fortress was suddenly invaded by our children jumping, sliding and running up and down on it until exhaustion. They loved it so much that the evening trip to the castle became a must for three days in a row!

The memory of this adventure will live on in the children’s hearts for a long time, as well as their laughters and the joy in their eyes will remain impressed in the minds of the volunteers who accompanied them.

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