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Our Children’s Fairyland

With the first rains, our land has become so green.

Our children love particularly this time of the year. It is suddenly so fresh, and in our land, beside the predominant green, we see many little purple blossoms.

These are the Butterfly Pea flowers. They are special flowers… They beautify the land, and the tea made with them has a lot of health benefits!

Butterfly Pea flowers are one of nature precious gifts

Collecting the flowers is the most pleasant duty of our early mornings.

The children gather among the greenery, and like little fairies and elves collect the flowers together. They love it.

The chatting of the children, in the beauty of the land, creates the magic that we need…

…the deeper we dive into it, the more magical it becomes.

Nature brings out the best in us

It brings us together, clears our mind and makes us happy.

We do our duty joyfully!



We let the flowers dry in sunlight.

The Sun transforms these beautiful flowers…

After some time, the Butterfly Pea become like this… Ready to become a special tea.

Here is how we can prepare a delicious drink

The Butterfly Pea flowers are infused in hot water, to make this rich, bright-colored, floral smelling blue tea (caffeine-free!).

Here, as we serve it at our vegetarian Bakery & Restaurant in Sangkhlaburi.

The benefits of Butterfly Pea flower tea:

Rich in antioxidants, promotes graceful aging and glowing skin; boosts brain health, improving cognitive ability; increases energy levels and stamina; helps in digestion, it’s beneficial for eye health, combats the effects of diabetes, has anti inflammatory properties; provides relief from stress, anxiety and depression, influences positive emotions!

We sell it also online all over the world.

Our Butterfly Pea flowers are ready to be shipped wherever you are!

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