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Our Dear Uncle Yudi

We all love our house. It is huge, it has accommodated us for so many years.  It is a comfort for all of us. It is our big mother.

But now it is peeling out and is crumbling down. It requires fixing and needs maintenance.

Our construction workers have too much on their hands and they cannot find the time for it. It hurt us to see how fast it is wearing down. The hands of the children alone cannot return her to the glory of the past. But who will come to heal her and care for her?

We have been looking  for experts and adults’ caring hands but it is so difficult here to find a good man who really cares.

We have been dreaming for someone to come.

Now he has arrived and we call him Uncle Yudi. He has a magic touch. He roams around, sees the problems and fixes them. We are so grateful to have him. Some very kind people have called him from Indonesia. They have paid for his flight and paid for his work. It is like seeing a magician at work. Some one cared for us and gave us a good man.

The children join him when they have time and Pewen is always with him.

It is beautiful to see them at work together.

Just like a father mentoring his son.

I asked Yudi if he needed a man to help him so that we can speed up the work. He said to me that there was no such need as he had Pewen helping him. He is the only person that he needs. He said that he is a good man.

A Good Man, it is hard to find.

Yudi is happy to mentor and teach Pewen. For Pewen, he is the Father figure that he never had.

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