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Our Homeopathic Medical Camp by Dr. Abhisake Joshi

At the beginning of the children’s holidays, we had the honor of hosting a special three-day event. The well-known Indian homeopath, Dr. Abhisake Joshi, together with his group of students from Thailand, visited Baan Unrak Children’s Home to provide homeopathic treatment to members of our local community, free of charge.

The Sangklaburi community still remembers the homeopathic medical camps that we organised about 15 years ago, which were lead by the famous Dr. Somenath Mitra. We were able to help hundreds of people and enable them to experience the healing power of homeopathy, alleviating ailments in a way that allopathic medicine could not. The memories of this experience endured among the Sangkhlaburi community, and now, many years later, they still come back to us for help when they face health problems.  We are so grateful to Dr. Mitra for assisting us all these years ago to provide help to those in need.

Because health care provision in Sangkhlaburi is much more developed than it was in the days of Dr. Mitra’s camps, we were not sure how the community would respond to our latest event. Nevertheless, more than 100 participants came along and got the chance to ‘taste the fruits’ of homeopathy.

We hosted the event at our Baan Unrak Bakery, with the intention of reminding the Sangkhlaburi community that, even though we operate a small business there, our goal is still pure service to the people.

We decided to keep the event on a low profile and allow the doctors plenty of time to carry out thorough examinations. Each patient was interviewed separately to understand their respective health issues, and a full report was created for each case, and the necessary medicines subscribed.

It was such a beautiful feeling to see hope light up the patient’s eyes. They said they felt like someone was finally listening to their problems and hear their tales of suffering. They felt understood and that the healing process had started even before they reached Dr. Abhisake Joshi. 

We at Baan Unrak tried to make the doctors’ visits with the patients as pleasant as possible.  The Baan Unrak children were very happy to be part of the experience by serving fresh cakes from our bakery and healthy drinks they had made themselves.  Both the doctors and the patients enjoyed the refreshing tea made out of dry bell fruits and the cakes and cookies from our bakery.

On the second day when the sun was setting, the children took the opportunity to entertain everyone with a special performance.

Finally, we would like to say a special thank you to Dr. Abhisake Joshi and his students, and all who participated in this program – they have enriched this world with love and care.

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