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Our little Wonchai

Anyone who has been around children long enough know that accidents are bound to happen. With over one hundred children here at Baan Unrak, we have to be ever watchful. Occasionally a boy or girl will fall down or otherwise get injured; luckily we have an outstanding relationship with nearby hospital, and our frequent visits allow us to come to know their limitations. Sometimes we have to be prepared to make the longer trip to the hospital in Ban Hui Malai or even Kanchanaburi. This was the case with our little boy Wonchai

A branch broke while Wonchai was climbing a tree, resulting in him freefalling down and landing on his back. He hurt his neck and we were very frightened –this kind of fall often results in paralysis. Staffs on hand were quick to cart him away and bring him to Kanchanaburi. After what seemed like a century but could not have been more than 3 or 4 days, he was released. The road to recovery was not over however; he had a cast on from his forehead to his lower ribs, and would need to wear it for some time.

We don’t know who was happier when he returned to Baan Unrak, him or his friends. They began to call him iron man, due to the cast and his mechanical movements. When you call his name he has to turn his whole body, and his friends find it silly. He moves confidently from one place to another despite loss of agility and flexibility. He has a strong heart, and is often trying to help people with no consideration to his own health. We’ve made sure everyone knows to be patient with his zeal and refuse his assistance, as his condition is quite serious and could be paralyzing for life if he does not heal appropriately. Sensing our angst he often plays with the staff, pretending to ride a bicycle or hop on the back of a motorbike. The incident has not robbed him of his humor, and every day he reminds us of the boundless energy waiting to once again be unleashed unto this world.

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