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Our Mothers’ Day

Last Monday was a day that touched all of us deeply. It was the day that we celebrated our mothers. And even if only a few were lucky to have their mother in the room, we were all meditating on the same thing.

Many of our children come from difficult realities, some of them were even abused by their own family, yet the tears they shed in this very special day, were tears of unconditional love. There was no anger, but sadness in their eyes.

The children had planned this day all by themselves, as a surprise for all the adults and, especially, the mothers. And so, with all Baan Unrak reunited in the meditation room, Didi and the care-mothers were invited to take a seat, while the children were singing songs to remember and honor the mothers.

Here is the translation of one of the songs the children sang:

Letter to Mom

“My teacher wants me to write a letter to my mom,

she says I can give it to her later. This is really difficult, because I have no mom. How am I gonna do?

Is that true that mom’s hug is warm? I only have a dream,

that is to eat with my mom.

No mommy sings me songs, no mommy by my side, holding a pillow I sleep alone.

I have nothing to write, but I have to get it done. I can’t stop crying.

Oh mommy please listen to me, no matter where you are, give me some love, could you?

Oh mommy if you can hear me, I swear I will be a good child, as best as I can.”

The air was filled with emotion…

The care-mothers were the first to express their gratitude to Didi.

Right after, the children formed a long queue all over the meditation room, and one by one, from the smaller to the bigger, they bowed in front of Didi and performed a purification ritual.

The child would pour a bowl of water in Didi’s hands, then she would pour that water on the child’s head, as if to wash away the bad things of the past.

After the ritual, many children fell in Didi’s arms with an emotional hug.

We all felt uplifted and regenerated afterwards.

The day went on, and there was a surprise awaiting the children too. The distribution of KitKat from our sponsors…!

…and a Nutella party offered by our guests!

The celebration of our mothers was not over either. In fact, another surprise awaited Didi in the night. The children called it “Happy Birthday Mother Day”! And there was even a cake, with many candles!

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