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Our Neohumanist Lifestyle (Part 1)

The days at Baan Unrak start early, taking care of our bodies and minds with a winning morning routine made up of exercise, meditation and asanas (yoga poses). After a nutritious breakfast, each of us gets busy doing our assigned tasks.


The boys take care of the garden guided by Pi Tarit, who grew up here at the Home and is now in charge of the teenagers. He is very knowledgeable about agriculture. Under his guidance, our organic garden is getting better and better day after day, bringing vegetables to the kitchen while also educating the children, and giving them purpose, and pride, in their work.

In the Garden

Watering the plants is a daily task, performed in the mornings and afternoons collectively. First, the children fill the watering cans from the water tanks, also recycling grey water from our “half baths” and dish washing.

Sometimes, Ishvari and Pa Muno come to cheer the young men at work!

For the boys, the compost pit becomes a long jump challenge! And for those failing the jump across, it’s a free fall into food scraps…!

In the garden, there is always a reward for the hard workers. Today, it was delicious jackfruit freshly cut from a tree.

Giving Love and Care

Ishvari is a special child, and she needs special care. Together with Pa Muno, her inseparable care giver, she goes to Bangkok once a year to do physiotherapy, learning exercises that she can do every day at the Home. Nandy, 10 years old, is her little helper.

Ishvari is also using a brand-new little car, appositely made for her: conceived by Didi, realized by our master worker Pi Heng. On 4 wheels, moving around is easy, active… and fun! …With another little helper: Kenioto, 2,5 years old.

Cleaning Home

Keeping our spaces clean and tidy is so much fun when we are all involved. Every child, big and small, plays his and her part. It’s a real team work!

Making Cheese!

Following Didi’s teaching, the children learned to make goat cheese… with the milk of our beloved goats of Baan Unrak farm!

We enjoy the delicious goat cheese with the little and tasty tomatoes from our garden. For the first time in Baan Unrak we are able to grow them, thanks to the new greenhouse.


After lunch, when the sun is high in the sky, outside it feels like an oven. The temperature goes beyond 40°C (with a real feel that has reached 47 °C = 116 °F). Now, it’s time to stay indoors.

The children love to watch movies. It could be in the dining hall…

…or on the fresh concrete floor of the meditation room.

Meanwhile, in his rest time, our teenager-in-charge Pi Tarit enjoys playing guitar in the company of his children.

For our babies, it’s time for a midday sleep. Here, the sweet dreams of Kenioto

…he is the child of a single mother which cooks, so… he naps in the kitchen!

As soon as he wakes up, he is ready to help!

Each of us can contribute to the common welfare, according to their capacity. And so, even the little ones are happy to do their part!

Another day, another nap… with mom!



In the afternoon, there is more time for playing. Anantapat loves to play with toy cars…

Tanwar is Superman, darting out of his room!

Chidatma is Harry Potter, and with his magical broomstick he flies around Baan Unrak hill at maximum speed!

…he also loves climbing trees, especially to get those big jackfruit that hang up there! He climbs with a knife in his teeth like a pirate!

Em loves drawing, and he just made a portrait of his beloved sponsor Pavitra, our longtime volunteer. Em took inspiration from a photo of him that he keeps with affection. A beautiful way to express gratefulness…

Meanwhile, at the Boys’ House they play with marbles, with a couple of spectators watching the game perched on a tree!

Jake and Boat have fun on the swing, shouting and singing while pushed by our volunteer Laura.

Big children love to take care and play with the little ones… like Janpen with baby Hom.

When the sun goes down, traditionally, the children play at chasing each other!

Meanwhile, Zia Caterina spreads her love around. Here, with Monsai.

In this time of quarantine, we are surrounded by positive messages, reminding us that…

We Get What We Give!

every thing will be alright, and LOVE WILL WIN!

EveryThing is For The BEST!

PART 2 of “Our Neohumanist Lifestyle” is coming soon…


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